This is Wadawurrung Country - We work closely with the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation to conserve and protect Cultural values along the Anglesea coast.

Developing a Coastal Adaptation Plan for Anglesea

Our coast is diverse, dynamic and always changing.

The lands, waters, seas and skies in Anglesea have been cared for and nurtured by Wadawurrung Traditional Owners for countless generations.

From Point Roadknight to Demon's Bluff, we can see how waves, storms, and rising sea levels are shaping Anglesea’s coastline. These natural forces also bring hazards like erosion, cliff failure, and flooding, which can impact the way we access and enjoy the coast.

Coastal hazards are a reality for Great Ocean Road communities. This requires us to start planning for the future and consider how to manage both short and long-term impacts. The frequency and magnitude of these hazards are expected to rise with climate change.

We're developing an Anglesea Coastal Adaptation Plan (CAP) to enhance the resilience of the Anglesea coast, and both reduce and prevent the adverse impacts of coastal hazards. This plan aims to better understand and plan for short and long-term erosion, storm tide inundation, estuary dynamics, and cliff failure.

We’re developing the plan in partnership with locals, visitors, community groups and key stakeholders who love the Anglesea coast.

We're in the early stages of planning and eager for you to have a say. Your insights and feedback will help shape future decision making and plans for coastal hazard management and resilience.

Engagement Activity Snapshot

The Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority are taking a partnership approach to plan for and manage coastal hazards along our beloved coastline, now and into the future.

Our approach is following the direction of the Marine and Coastal Policy 2020 and Victoria’s Resilient Coast – Adapting for 2100+ framework and guidelines.

Currently we are at Stage 2 of the planning process. The purpose of this stage is to ensure coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning is underpinned by place-based values and a shared vision and objectives.

We invite community and key stakeholders to share their knowledge, interests, values, and concerns with us to inform future stages of the project, and together, we can plan for the future of the Anglesea coast.

Community knowledge and values of our coastline is at the heart of the coastal adaptation planning process.

Now at stage two we are eager for you to have your say via the different activities on this page or in-person this February and March including:

  • Completing our online Survey.
  • Attending a community workshop or walk and talk session.
  • Uploading photos to our photo gallery or interactive map.
  • Speaking with our team in-person at a community event.
  • Clicking the + Follow button to subscribe for ongoing project updates

What you tell us in Stage 2 will be feedback to you via a What We Heard report and will inform what occurs in later stages of this project.

We will keep you up to date as the project progress through the stages and ensure you have further opportunities to have your say and be involved in developing the Coastal Adaptation Plan for the Anglesea Coast.

We are committed to genuinely partner and meaningfully build relationships with the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, through this project, to support the protection of Country, and the continuation of spiritual and cultural practices.

We also value the longstanding dialogue with the Anglesea community in relation to Anglesea Futures, the Great Ocean Road Communities Network (GORCN) and the Anglesea Community Network.

The community has actively participated in these conversations and put forward great ideas for shaping the future of Anglesea as well as highlighting the values of the coast and future impacts from coastal hazards.

Through this study we aim to build on this conversation to better understand what the Anglesea and visitor community value about the coast to ensure that our management decisions best reflect community sentiment.

In addition to State Government legislation, policy and guidelines, there is a good body of knowledge from previous studies and reports, focused on this unique stretch of coastline, which have been collated and will help inform this project.

If there are studies, bodies of work you or key stakeholder groups you believe should inform this project please email Attention to Rob Armstrong & Andy Bell and include Anglesea Coastal Adaptation Plan in the subject line.

Past to Present - Photos of the Anglesea Coast

Contribute to a photographic history of the Anglesea coast capturing the changes in the marine/coastal environment and our coastal community.

Kids Colouring-in Competition

A coastal and marine themed colouring-in competition for kindergarten and primary aged kids to share with us what they love about the Anglesea coast.

Community Survey

This survey, linked to stage two of this project has now closed. Thank you to those who complete it. We will provide a summary report here in April.