See the questions we asked and your ideas below. The questionnaire closed 18 January 2024. You can still have your say on precinct scenarios by clicking the button below!

Your ideas

Previous plans

Tell us your thoughts on the previous plans developed by Colac Otway Shire.

In 2021, Colac Otway Shire prepared plans for tourism infrastructure improvements in Kennett River, engaging with the community along the way.

Hard copies of the previous plan are available at the Kennett River Family Caravan Park reception.

As we develop a revised precinct plan, we'd like to hear your thoughts on the previous plan and what you liked or disliked about the following:

  • Traffic movement - please make comments on vehicle circulation throughout the precinct
  • People movement - please comment on how people arrive in Kennett River and how they move about, including pedestrian crossings and paths
  • Parking - for cars, buses, motorbikes, push-bikes, plus provision of accessible parks
  • Public open space - areas used for public recreation, either as green space or with furniture such as BBQ's or picnic tables
  • Materials used for roads and paths - road surfaces will need to meet road safety standards. Please comment on alternative car park surfaces to maintain a beach hamlet experience
  • Public toilet - refer to future plans tab
  • Any other comments

If you have any examples you’d like to provide us, such as comments or drawings on the previous plans, photos, or other infrastructure ideas, you can upload in the Ideas tab.

Future plans

Tell us your thoughts on future plans

Since the 2022 review of this project, some things have changed including:

  • We're developing a revised Precinct Plan. This will provide a 10-year vision to guide the future land use and development of Kennett River.
  • The location of the public toilet. The 2021 plan placed a public toilet in front of the café, and a new wastewater treatment plant behind the cafe. The future plans intend to locate the public toilet within the boundary of the caravan park, adjacent to the car park. This would be for general public access separate from caravan park use and is intended to reduce over development here. This proposal will also either improve or replace the caravan park’s existing wastewater treatment plant, avoiding the need for a new wastewater system behind the cafe.
  • Other tourism infrastructure considerations:
    • We’d also like to hear your thoughts on parking on Grey River Road.
    • Please note, there are other projects that we’re delivering in the region separately to the Improvements to Tourism Infrastructure at Kennett River project. One of these projects is the Great Ocean Road Coastal Trail (GORCT), which will contribute to improving infrastructure for shared use with the community.
  • Caravan Park improvements – while we deliver the Improvements to Tourism Infrastructure project, we’re also progressing a Masterplan for the Kennett River Family Caravan Park. Please provide your answers in the Caravan Park tab.

Caravan Park Masterplan

While we deliver this project, we’re also progressing a Masterplan for the Kennett River Family Caravan Park. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this too.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Please tell us a bit about yourself.