Your say on the precinct plan scenarios

What you liked and disliked about the Kennett River Precinct Plan scenarios.

In January, we met with Kennett River community members and campers to discuss infrastructure plans for Kennett River. 70+ participants registered for three scenarios workshops and provided invaluable feedback.

During the workshops 3 scenarios were presented to the group. These scenarios outlined the proposed plans for:

  • A new public toilet and a new or upgraded wastewater treatment plant in the adjoining Kennett River Caravan Park; and
  • Carpark and road improvements works.

The workshops were a great success - but we wanted to know more. We asked you to provide your insights on the precinct scenarios and received 27 submissions!

We will be busy reviewing all your feedback over the next few weeks and we look forward to releasing the What We Heard report in the coming weeks.

Although scenario feedback submissions closed on 5 February - there are still many ways you can have your say including sending an email to


Precinct Plan Parameters

The Improvements to Tourism Infrastructure at Kennett River project will support the growing visitor economy by delivering public infrastructure and accessibility improvements through several initiatives.

The improvements will include;

  • A new public toilet and a new or upgraded wastewater treatment plant in the adjoining Kennett River Caravan Park; and
  • Car park and road improvements works

The first key objective of the project is to ensure that all new facilities are appropriate to Kennett River’s size and unique hamlet character, retaining open space areas, views and access to Kennett River.

The second design principle of the project is to include traffic management features that discourage large coaches from entering the local road network, providing parking only for small tour buses to promote safer pedestrian movement and driver behaviour. A technical working group is being established to support this.

The revised location of the toilets and wastewater treatment plant to within the Kennett River Caravan Park will enable maintenance efficiencies, improve traffic flow and safety within the precinct. See further information below.

Following the 2022 review of the project, a decision was made to revise the location of the toilets from the location shown on the previous plans, to place the toilets within the caravan park.

This choice was based on several factors including traffic flow, pedestrian safety, utilising the existing wastewater treatment plant at Kennett River Caravan Park, and streamlining maintenance for the land manager. Other factors include creating greater alignment to the MACA principle of consolidating assets and enabling greater safety in design within the precinct.

In addition to the above reasons, further considerations for the construction of the new structure include being built to Bushfire Attack Level rating 40 and being resilient to flooding events. 

We’re bound by the Marine and Coastal Act 2018 and Policy which prescribes that all public infrastructure on coastal public land must look to consolidate assets and only build new infrastructure that relies on a coastal location to fulfil its purpose.

By locating the toilets in the caravan park, a smooth pathway to successful statutory planning approvals is likely.  

The size of the public toilet block and number of cubicles will be determined by the technical carrying capacity of the intended location.

We're currently developing a revised Kennett River Precinct Plan. This will provide a 10-year vision to guide the future land use and development of Kennett River.

The Precinct Plan will take in most of the public land in Kennett River, including the Kennett River Caravan Park, the Kafe Koala carpark stretching down to the river, and a small section of the Great Ocean Road.

Other infrastructure considerations include parking on Grey River Road and other projects we’re delivering in the region separately to the Improvements to Tourism Infrastructure at Kennett River project. One of these projects is the Great Ocean Road Coastal Trail (GORCT), which will contribute to improving infrastructure for shared use with the community.

While we’re delivering the Improvements to Tourism Infrastructure project, we’re also progressing a Masterplan for the Kennett River Family Caravan Park.

Grey River Road is included in the Precinct Plan and the Project Management Plan as this is the location of the main tourist attraction. It’s currently not with the scope of the project to develop any significant infrastructure along the road (parking, tourist overflow) aside from improving existing infrastructure that will add to the general safety of pedestrian access to the area of high tourist interest.

We're closely working with our agency partners to improve Kennett River and its surroundings. Various stakeholders, including the Department of Transport, have plans for enhancing the Great Ocean Road at Kennett River. This involves widening the road, adding a pedestrian refuge, removing vegetation, and installing bollards.

As part of the project, a Tourism and Traffic Technical Working Group (TWG) will be formed to provide insights on tourism and traffic capacity in the area. This information is crucial for the project's future phases, especially the design.

It's important to note that even when the project is complete and new facilities are in place, it may not completely solve issues like overcrowding and non-compliance in Kennett River.

We still need to explore current and potential future options and actions available to us and other authorities to tackle these challenges together.

One of the questions we heard at the community BBQ in November 2023 and via the online questionnaire is – how can you make decisions on tourism infrastructure without a tourism strategy?

Well, that is a work in progress. We're working on addressing the visitation issues in Kennett River. We have a funded project and are collaborating with tourism bodies, networks, and the local community to find a solution. The Guiding Principles proposed by the Kennett River Association will be valuable, and we're in the process of setting up a Technical Working Group to discuss this further.

Scenario A

Scenario A

Scenario A envisions a comprehensive upgrade of the Kennett River hamlet, focusing on expanding and connecting attractions around its central green 'island.' The plan involves removing the Hawdon Avenue turn-off, replacing it with a landscaped area to streamline traffic and create a more natural entry.

Grey River Road is realigned for safety, featuring a visitor drop-off zone and arrival area. The central green space offers pedestrian access to key points like the riverfront, Kafe Koala, public toilets, and Grey River Road.

The existing access road is retained with 45-degree parking, while the end-of-road spaces are converted into a no-stopping area for vehicle turnarounds. The plan accommodates 30 car parking bays and 4-5 long vehicle bays.

A centrally located toilet, replacing the Caravan Park Manager's Residence, consolidates public and caravan park amenities, including post boxes, bike storage, luggage storage, and a viewing deck. This streamlined approach aims to enhance the overall visitor experience and community gathering space.


  • Creates a connected road reserve including safe pedestrian space
  • 3-point turn for longer vehicles up to 8m
  • Single point for entry and exit
  • Potential for Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) / Electric Vehicle (EV) allocation
  • Additional space in forecourt for motorbikes and bicycle (bicycle storage for detailed plans)
Arial View of Kennett River precinct plans - Scenario A

Scenario B

Scenario B

In Scenario B, the Kennett River hamlet undergoes a strategic road reduction plan, minimising sprawl and bringing the riverfront closer to the town centre. Parking is consolidated at a central node, enabling the re-vegetation of the existing river access road with native plants. This green space is designed for flexibility, accommodating weekend markets, festivals, and events, while also enhancing surface permeability for flood resilience. Removable bollards control access, ensuring the area remains vehicle-free when not in use.

Pedestrian safety is prioritised with dedicated crossings and paths bordered by native plants, guiding individuals to the riverfront and Kafe Koala. By separating vehicle and pedestrian spaces, the risk of accidents is minimised.

Traffic circulation is improved through increased intersection separation, and parking provisions include 32 regular-sized car bays, Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) provisions, and a dedicated long-vehicle parking area. Visual enhancements, such as a natural material palette and native screening vegetation, soften the appearance of parking areas and improve the overall amenity of the hamlet.

Grey River Road is realigned to intersect with Hawdon Avenue at a right angle, enhancing road safety and sightlines. This realignment creates a footpath and gathering area along Grey River Road, catering to the large number of tourists who gather to view wildlife.

Additionally, a strategically placed public toilet in the caravan park entry area serves both beachgoers and hamlet visitors without causing inconvenience. This location ensures accessibility and convenience while maintaining an unobtrusive presence.


  • Promotes hamlet footprint, minimising traffic sprawl
  • Creates a consolidated parking area
  • Creates a retail precinct
  • Separates pedestrian activity and vehicle movements
  • This scenario lends itself to timed parking within the retail precinct
  • Restricted access to service road (peak periods eg. Weekends and holidays)
Arial View of Kennett River precinct plans - Scenario B

Scenario C

Scenario C

In Scenario C, Kennett River's hamlet character is maintained through targeted interventions, particularly focusing on the existing 'round-a-bout.' By enforcing one-way circulation around it, traffic flows are simplified, enhancing road safety. Designated parking for long vehicles, like buses and caravans, eliminates the need for reversing manoeuvres, streamlining movement in and out of Kennett River.

The upgraded 'round-a-bout' becomes the central hub, connecting Kafe Koala, the riverfront, Grey River Road, and proposed public toilets. This enhancement transforms the area into a vibrant community space, elevating the overall visitor experience through thoughtful landscaping and amenities. A wide, shared pedestrian crossing extending to Koala Kafe's forecourt not only signifies an entry point but also prioritises pedestrian safety by slowing down traffic.

The existing river access road sees formalised angled car spaces to reduce erratic parking, while Grey River Road's realignment at a right angle with Hawdon Avenue improves safety and sightlines. This realignment also provides space for a footpath and gathering area along Grey River Road, catering to the considerable number of tourists observing wildlife.

The strategic placement of public toilets in the caravan park's road access area, behind screening trees, minimises disturbance to visitors while offering convenient access from the pedestrian crossing at Hawdon Avenue. These landscape and hardscape decisions collectively enhance the local and visitor experience, emphasising safety, aesthetics, and vehicular considerations.


  • Retain hamlet character
  • Simplifies traffic movement
  • Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) access to riverbank, corner store, and amenities
  • Centralised public amenities
  • One way circulation
Arial View of Kennett River precinct plans - Scenario C

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