This is Wadawurrung Country - We work closely with the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation to conserve and protect cultural values along this coast.

Cosy Corner Timber Seawall Upgrade

The much-loved timber seawall at Cosy Corner, built in the 1950’s and rebuilt or repaired several times, has deteriorated beyond repair. A row of rock bags were placed at the toe of the structure in March 2023 to reduce further undermining whilst adaptation planning and design work was undertaken to determine how to best upgraded the seawall.

In 2024 we are working together to develop an adaptation plan and design for the timber seawall at Cosy Corner in Torquay and want to engage with beach users, community members and other key stakeholders to help inform the seawall upgrade.

The aim of the timber seawall adaptation plan is to increase Cosy Corner's resilience and better protect it against coastal hazards, set to increase in magnitude and frequency due to climate change and sea level rise.

The Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority are taking a partnership approach to plan for and manage coastal hazards along our beloved coastline, now and into the future.

Our approach is following the direction of the Marine and Coastal Policy 2020 and Victoria’s Resilient Coast – Adapting for 2100+ framework and guidelines.

Currently we are at Stage 3 of the planning process.

We are engaging with community at every stage of the process because whilst there are many steps involved in coastal adaptation planning, it is the community values and local knowledge that help to provide a foundation for confirming coastal values and objectives, and ultimately tailoring adaptation options.

Adaptation Options Open Day

Join us onsite or at Torquay Community House on June 26th to learn more and have your say on adaption options for the timber seawall upgrade.

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